7 Indian, one Pakistani YouTube channel banned by govt over false content

Eight YouTube channels with more than 114 crore subscribers have been blocked by the authorities for spreading incorrect information. One of the networks was situated in Pakistan, and the other seven were from India. The ministry of information and broadcasting stated in a statement that the prohibited stations were "monetizing bogus, anti-India content."

According to the government, the channels were spreading untrue information regarding India's international affairs, social order, and national security. The statement claims that "from the standpoint of national security and India's good relations with foreign powers, the content was noted to be wholly untrue and sensitive."

The seven Indian networks that have been suspended are Loktantra TV, U&V TV, AM Razvi, Gouravshali Pawan Mithilanchal, SeeTop5TH, Sarkari Update, and Sab Kuch Dekho.

The Pakistan-based channel that was blocked was "News ki Dunya." The channels had almost 85 lakh subscribers. In addition to these, two Facebook postings and one Facebook account have been disabled.

The stations, which are situated in India, "were found to be using phoney and sensational thumbnails, photographs of news anchors, and logos of some TV news networks," the ministry claimed, in an effort to deceive consumers and make their content appear "genuine."

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