Andrew Garfield’s MCU Spider-Man Return Just Got a Bit More Likely

After being gone from the character for seven years, Andrew Garfield hasn't hidden his excitement about getting to play Spider-Man once more, especially given the opportunity to work with both of the other live-action Spider-Man actors. But now that Spider-Man: No Way Home has established the Multiverse as an actual reality within the MCU, fans are already anticipating his return for more adventure.

Thanks to his passion for the role in his two The Amazing Spider-Man flicks in 2012 and 2014, Garfield's return was what truly accelerated the buzz for this film. Through this experience, he even developed strong bonds with his fellow Spider-Man actors, enabling him to make his MCU debut in the biggest Spider-Man solo film to date.

Peter 3 played by Andrew Garfield in the recently released footage from Spider-Man: No Way Home - The More Fun Stuff Version expresses his wish to rejoin with his fellow Peters.

We should do this again, Peter 3 says in the video, to which Tobey Maguire's Peter 2 responds, "You got it." The extended cut of the film will include 11 minutes of additional, never-before-seen material.

Fans can have a little bit more optimism that Garfield will return as the Web-Slinger at some time given that Sony added this line back into the movie's expanded version.

Andrew Garfield's Peter 3 expresses his wish to reunite with his other Peters in a recently released scene from Spider-Man: No Way Home - The More Fun Stuff Version.

We should do this again, Peter 3 tells Tobey Maguire's Peter 2 in the video, to which Maguire responds, "You got it." This is a portion of the 11 minutes of previously unreleased material that will be included in the film's extended cut.

The fact that Sony added this sentence back into the movie's longer version gives fans a little more hope that Garfield may return to the role of the Web-Slinger in the future.

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