Four beneficial podcasts for freelancers

If you're one of those tech-savvy independent contractors, chances are you've used podcasts at some point. However, have you considered attempting several podcasts to assist you with your genuine career? Here are four carefully chosen podcasts that you could find useful when you begin your freelance career.

1. Freelance to Founder

The Freelance to Founder podcast is co-hosted by Clay and Preston. It features a new freelancer that calls in every week to speak to the "two freelancers-turned-business-builders."

The interviewee gets to tell them their story, ask questions about the qualms of freelancing and help the rest of us who are sometimes too scared to ask for help.

This podcast is hard to define as it covers multiple topics such as:

handling difficult clients

how to take out a loan for your business, and

overcoming cultural barriers.

2. It's All Journalism

To the journalists, writers or bloggers, It's All Journalism might be just the podcast for you. This podcast is updated weekly and focuses on the changing media landscape and how journalists are dealing with constantly fluctuating trends, topics and platforms.

The podcast features different journalists speaking on a wide variety of topics, such as:

fact-checking and misinformation

travel reporting

different narrative writing, and

cultural-focused writing.

3. Creative Elements

The chemical element table was a torture device for all of us in high school. For your benefit, Creative Elements is the complete opposite of pain. Jay Clouse, who offers interviews with various creators in the "now" of life, is the host of this podcast.

The episodes of Creative Elements vary because each one focuses on the successes, failures, and lessons learned of a specific sort of artist. The programme offers freelancing tips, tricks, and particular tactics that are only applicable to particular fields.

4. The Accidental Creative

Ever experienced a revelation in the oddest of places? That's what The Accidental Creative is all about. The weekly podcast focuses on interviewing various industry experts in the creative sector to discuss how people can benefit from one another's experiences.
Author of multiple books on creativity and speaker Tod Henry "consults across dozens of sectors on creativity, leadership, and love for work."

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