Marvel Studios Takes Action Following VFX Work Controversy

Fans are anticipating another four years of blockbusters and streaming shows from Marvel Studios as a result of the studio's latest Phase 5 and Phase 6 announcements. Demand follows success, and sadly, the visual effects industry has suffered due to the tremendous demand for the biggest and most popular movie franchise in the world. The VFX Houses responsible with bringing this universe to life are struggling to keep up with the MCU's continued growth.

The MCU turnaround rate has climbed tremendously after 11 years and 23 films. Marvel Studios is slated to deliver at least 24 motion pictures and streaming series over the following three and a half years as a result of the four movie release schedule and the inclusion of Disney+.

The fact that Marvel Studios is making this demand has VFX professionals rather agitated. These artists have recently spoken out against the "toxic relationship" between VFX Houses and Marvel Studios on social media. The Disney behemoth's unexpectedly high pre-production hour demands are the main source of the problems.

The world's best cinematic universe and the creators tasked with creating it can get along better, according to some VFX artists who have recently commented on the matter.

"Famously, the third act in most Marvel movies" seems to give VFX houses the most trouble. 

“It’s famously the third act in most Marvel movies. If you have the third act, you are in for the most pain. Everything will change in a very drastic way, which means the most amount of work. And if one studio had more than just the third act, you’re in for it."

Marvel Studios seems to be realizing this strain and has now begun to make an effort to lighten the load, according to IGN's sources. Spreading the love to different graphics studios and artists allows them to focus on more precise scenes and sections of a project, which Marvel appears to be allocating more fairly in a "more logical way "going forward:

Now, it seems like they’ve kind of split things up in a more logical way… Divvying up the work that way gives people a better chance to succeed. That’s one thing that’s been positive."

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