Will Moon Knight Season 2 Include Werewolf by Night? MCU Director Responds

The existence of Werewolf by Night has undoubtedly been one of Marvel Studios' worst-kept secrets in the company's history. The character was reported to be joining the MCU for a very long time before any filming even started. Despite what Marvel Studios might convince themselves, the world was aware when the special began to be produced.

But now that the character has been publicly unveiled, many people are already speculating about what the character might do next. The next thing that comes to mind when having such ideas is obviously some form of relationship with Moon Knight.

Why? The character portrayed by Oscar Isaac, however, made his debut in the monster's 32nd comic, closely connecting the two together in Marvel's history on the page. So it appears that the two will eventually cross paths in the MCU. If a Moon Knight season 2 is ever confirmed, perhaps even in that.

What do the creators of the upcoming television programme Werewolf By Night, though?

The actors and creators of the upcoming Marvel Studios special Werewolf by Night were asked about the possibility of running into Moon Knight in the future, maybe in a second season with Oscar Isaac's character if given the chance, during an interview with ET Canada.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the two characters are certain to run into each other at some point or another. That looks like the ideal location for that event to occur if Moon Knight receives a second season.

Marvel has to develop the relationship between those two as well as Oscar Isaac's character's alliance with Mahershala Ali's Blade, who was reported to have formerly been a member of Werewolf by Night.

Man-Thing, a character that might be crucial to the Multiverse Saga, will at least be present even though Moon Knight and Blade might not.

On Saturday, October 7, Werewolf By Night is scheduled to launch on Disney+.

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